If you’re looking to get into long-range competition shooting, there’s a relatively new series you might want to consider: the North American Long Range Shooter’s Association (NALRSA).

NALRSA Matches

Formed in late 2016 and officially launched in May of 2017, the NALRSA combines precision bolt-action rifle shooting with a team roping-style ranking and handicap classification system; innovative target technology and a hefty payout. This competition is geared toward shooters of all skill levels.

Athlon Outdoors contributor Sean Utley recently had a chance to shoot a NALRSA match in Bandera, Texas. Watch the video above to see his chat with series co-founder Steele Montague—an avid long-range shooter, reloader, hunter and former team roper—about the origins and goals of the series. In addition, Utley will walk you through all of the factors that go into making this one of the most technologically advanced, challenging, fun and rewarding competitive long-range shooting competitions out there today.

Interested in participating? The next match is scheduled for Aug. 17-18 in Moore, Texas. The first-place winner gets a brand new 2018 Dodge truck.

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