The Noveske Gen 4 product video went live recently, and it’s one of the more unique product launches we’ve seen. Moreover, this is one video you’re definitely gonna want to check out.

We’re not really sure what the video is trying to say, but it sure says it loudly. From a promotional sign spinner, to a Wild Bill knockoff, to a rad Chevelle, to bikers, and back to camp, the crew is diverse. Also, we get shooting on the range, in the field and even from a boat, which is pretty awesome.

Firstly, the product launch is clearly meant to be unique and witty, wacky even, and appeal to younger shooters, Millennials even. But most of all, we’re sure it’s meant to be fun. Gun culture being what it is, while some folks will love the video, others will surely rail against it as though it marked the beginning of the Apocalypse. To the latter, just simmer down.

But make no mistake, shooters know Noveske for its rifles. As such, the Gen 4 is billed as the company’s next generation.

Noveske Gen 4

“Noveske Gen4 is the latest evolution of our receiver and rail integration,” said a company release. “Intentionally designed to not deviate from the Noveske family of product, this new generation of rifle is our most modular, and functional combination to date. All this without compromising the quality, reliability, or signature Noveske design language. With the addition of ambidextrous controls, additional rail mounting locations, cable management, and improved magazine well dimensions, this rifle meets and exceeds the needs of our modern warfighter, law enforcement, and civilian users.”

The Noveske Gen 4 is available in a 10.5-inch SBR, 10.5-inch Pistol and 13.7-inch Rifle variants. Also, Noveske lists three different Gen 4 PDWs, including 7.94, 10.5 and 16-inch models. Retail prices start at $2,150.

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