Lynda Turnbull has joined team Beretta

Beretta is excited to announce that Lynda Turnbull, a renowned professional pistol shooter, has joined Team Beretta as a part of the pistol team segment.

Lynda Turnbull has Over 10 Years of Shooting Experience

With ten years of competition under her belt, Turnbull joins the team with a USPSA 2-Gun Ladies National Champion title. She also has High Lady Champion titles from recent USPSA 3-Gun Nationals Championships, the IPSC Extreme Euro Championship, and the 2016 IPSC Handgun World Shoot. Turnbull was also recently a part of the IPSC Women’s USA team.

Lynda began as a firearms instructor for LT Training in 2019 and has trained some of the top competitive shooters in the industry and took part in the training of actor Keanu Reeves for his movie, John Wick. She recently graduated from Dixie Technical College with a degree in CNC Machining to further her love of building custom 1911/2011 pistols.

Beretta Supports Top Level Shooters

“Beretta has been proudly supporting practical shooting worldwide by sponsoring events and partnering with best-in-class shooters. Our passion is driven by these athletes that are inspiring us, and they represent an example for everybody at the range and in everyday life. Pursuing excellence is our mission, and with this in mind, we are beyond excited to announce the official collaboration with Lynda Turnbull, an international Pro Shooter competing in multi-disciplines and being one of the best lady shooters in the USPSA/IPSC today. We welcome Lynda to our Pro Team, and we look forward to celebrating her wins this year.”

Nicola Lorenzi, Pistol Product Manager

Turnbull joins a growing Beretta pistol team established over the past several years. The team includes top competitive athletes JJ Racaza, Jessica Hook, and Ben Hardt. Beretta looks forward to further expanding the pistol division of Team Beretta in the next few years and working with these renowned competitors to develop new and innovative products that offer shooters worldwide the best experience on the range.

Turnbull will be competing with the 92X Performance. She is also the current face of the newly launched Beretta APX A1 pistol.

Editor’s Thoughts

This is an interesting pick-up for Beretta. Their current crop of shooters is now divided 50/50 between handgun specialists and shooters that are better known for PCC and 3-Gun. It seems odd, because Beretta’s product catalog doesn’t have a competitive 3-gun rifle in it. While Beretta does make a PCC, the CX4 Storm, that gun also isn’t popular in PCC games. Which is sad, because it looks cool.

Regardless, adding Lynda to their team means Beretta is bringing in another proven competitor. Perhaps this move from Beretta means that they’re going to start getting into the 3-Gun competition space. The Beretta 1301 Competition model is a great shotgun for 3-gun. They have plenty of handgun options through the 92-Series. The rifle is sort of a problem. Beretta does make the ARX-100, but haven’t imported them in significant numbers since before the pandemic.

Still, an all Beretta equipped 3-gun team would be pretty cool! Congratulations to Lynda on joining Team Beretta.

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