A few years back, I was involved in a shooting in Missouri, near a small rural town in our county. I had received information concerning the location of a subject with active arrest warrants. This subject was well known by the sheriff’s department and other departments for methamphetamine manufacturing. During the service of a search warrant in June at his residence, he fled from the location and led deputies on a short vehicle pursuit before he bailed from the vehicle and escaped.

On August 30, I had received information from an informant of the whereabouts of the suspect. The deputies and I later conducted a nighttime surveillance of the suspect’s location. We attempted a stealth approach to the residence. We could see and hear persons working on a vehicle, and had been told by the informant that the suspect was attempting to leave the area. During our approach, a dog began alerting the suspect to our location. A person approached our position with a flashlight
and a rifle.

We identified ourselves and informed the suspect to drop his weapon. The suspect then fired at us. The suspect was later determined to be carrying a scoped .300 Winchester Magnum rifle.
We returned fire, striking the suspect. He was fatally injured during the engagement. The suspect was hit five times, including a flesh wound from a ricochet off of his rifle. No law enforcement officers were injured during the incident. —PS, MO

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