Tactical Weapons is the first American publication to be allowed access to inside the Canadian Armed Forces Advanced Sniper School located at the Canadian Armed Forces Combat Training Centre at CFB Gagetown.

advanced-sniper-training-of-the-canadian-armed-forces-copyTW spent time with the shooters and leaders of the fine-tuned Combat Training Centre Infantry School Sniper Cell that has produced some of the best warriors, snipers and sniper leaders in the world. The non-commissioned officers in the course are not only judged on their ability to put steel on target, but to serve as the Unit Master Sniper (UMS) when they leave the course. That means they are judged on their ability to design, construct and run complex training and operations, interface with upper echelons far above their rank and effectively communicate no matter the conditions.

advanced-sniper-training-of-the-canadian-armed-forces4-copyadvanced-sniper-training-of-the-canadian-armed-forces5advanced-sniper-training-of-the-canadian-armed-forces2TW ate with the snipers, moved with them through exercises, crawled under fences and listened to them as directed shots from distances out to…well that I can’t say. We were able to see the training on the newest addition to the Canadian Sniper’s toolbox the Prairie Gun Works 338 Lapua C14 MRSWS Timberwolf as well as the .308 and McMillan TAC-50 .50 BMG effectively used by Canadian sniper Rob Furlong to eliminate an insurgent machine gunner at 1.51 miles. Look for a complete write-up in an upcoming Harris Publication.


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Tactical Weapons is the first American publication to be allowed access to inside the…