Americans enjoy freedom and security because of the service and sacrifice of those in our armed forces, and I recently had the immense pleasure and honor to work with several of these warriors when visited Asymmetric Solutions, located just over an hour south of St. Louis. Nestled in a 16,000-acre wooded valley, Asymmetric Solutions is staffed by experienced operators who are dedicated to helping not only warriors perfect their skills to defend our country, but civilians interested in taking charge of their own self-protection and defending their own “castle.” This means that everyone, from the trained warfighter to a first-time gun owner, is warmly welcomed at the site and well trained based on their needs and experience.


I was with Grady Powell when he conducted a pistol class for new female shooters. Grady is a second-generation Army Special Forces soldier who served several tours in Iraq and West Africa and recently appeared on the NBC show Stars Earn Stripes, (winning the competition for his selected charity, the USO) and represented the military on National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Survival Alaska with his friend and fellow Asymmetric Solutions instructor Jared Ogden. Ogden, who serves as the operations director of Asymmetric Solutions, is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a SEAL officer who operated in both Afghanistan and the Arabian Gulf. He was awarded the Bronze Star with “V” for valor during his time with SEAL Team One.

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The class consisted primarily of new shooters who had never received any previous firearms training at all. Using established Asymmetric Solutions curricula, Powell slowly brought up their confidence, capability and marksmanship to a point where, at the end of just one day, they were beaming with the exuberance and pride that comes with mastering a new skill. During the weekend I was at the site, they ran not only concurrent basic Women’s Defensive Shooting courses, but a CCW class and basic carbine skills (Tactical Carbine 1), as well as more advanced classes including Close Quarters Combat in their multi-room shoot house, a winter survival course, an AK operator’s class and advanced carbine skills (Tactical Carbine 3).

Also during the weekend, the staff performed a live-fire demonstration of an explosive breach, followed by the dynamic entry and clearing of a multi-room structure. The scenario was loosely based on the SEAL operation that ended Osama bin Laden’s career as the world’s most-wanted terrorist. The real-time exercise was conducted by operators with the technical competence to construct a charge that would perfectly open the structure while allowing a team to remain nearby, the tactical skill to maneuver through and dominate a hostile structure, and the practiced marksmanship to place lethal shots exactly as needed.

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