Famed veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee and Mat Best just dropped their latest video, playing the new song “Quarantine.” Featuring singer/songwriter Tim Montana, the quarantine video promotes the need for Americans to respect staying home, social distancing and practicing good hygiene during the fight against COVID-19. And like always, the Black Rifle Coffee crew delivers.

Black Rifle Coffee Quarantine

Quarantine features cameos from a host of famous folks, including an appearance from actor Charlie Sheen. Hollywood’s often beloved, sometimes reviled Sheen, wearing a filtration mask around his chin, seemingly drinks from a Clorox Wipes canister. From Sheen to Marcus Luttrell with a single-action revolver to Ballistic Magazine’s 2019 Warrior of the Year, Omar “Crispy” Avila, Quarantine delivers.

The video excels in its song lyrics, which give that veteran-inspired take on what’s currently important. It reads like a Marine Corps safety brief:

Quarantine, quarantine, drinking whiskey like vaccine

Waving at the neighbors, social distancing

Quarantine, quarantine, wearing Lysol like sunscreen

Quarantine, quarantine, oh, lonesome quarantine

The song proves extremely funny, aimed right at good ol’ gun-loving Americans. But it remains poignant as well. It applauds first responders and medical professionals out there on the front lines fighting the spread of COVID-19. Further, Best encourages fans to support the American Red Cross, which he says currently experiences blood shortages across the country.

Finally, Best explains Black Rifle Coffee is donating coffee to medical professionals and first responders. And that’s just outstanding. Bravo Zulu BRCC.

To read about how BRCC keeps its coffee safe during the pandemic, please visit

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