I took over firearms training for our department a bit over 10 years ago. Prior to that, as a patrol and SWAT sergeant, I had been interested in firearms. I had attended some pretty significant training courses, which enabled me to teach the team. Since 1980, I’d been providing firearms training outside the department. Being an experienced trainer didn’t mean that the new job would not be a paradigm shift for me. That was the point when it stopped being about me and started to be about the officers in training.

I still work with the Firearms Training Unit. Over the years, I’ve developed what I call the “Five Tenets of Law Enforcement Firearms Training.” It is not about tactics, or techniques, or who has the latest, greatest toy or tool. It is not about gurus and instructors who put their names to tactics. There is more than enough of that stuff out there already.

This is not about firearms instructors at all, it is about the men and women we prepare to go out and enter into what will likely be the single, most life-changing event they will encounter. With each subsequent officer-involved shooting you learn how much effect they have. The closer you are to seeing these effects, the more you come to understand how important preparing the men and women of law enforcement today.

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I took over firearms training for our department a bit over 10 years ago.…