Fort Worth Police released officer body cam video that shows an armed encounter with 20-year-old JaQuavion Slaton. The armed suspect, wanted on suspicion of aggravated assault, fled from officers three times prior to the day of the shooting.

Then on June 9, Slaton allegedly ran from officers once more. However, this time officers spotted a firearm in the suspect’s hands. They later found him hiding in a parked truck, where video shows them immediately surround the vehicle. Footage shows officers yell several variations of “Put your hands up!” numerous times before opening fire.

After a bystander posted a video of the shooting, widespread protest and speculation spread through the city. The shooting triggered widespread distrust of police and further inflamed racial tension, according to

“A large crowd angry at police gathered at the scene to protest the shooting. Many said they did not trust the police account of what happened,” reported

“In the wake of the shooting Sunday, protesters gathered near the scene in the 5200 block of East Berry Street and shouted at police, KXAS-TV (Channel 5) reported. They also addressed a tense city council meeting on Tuesday and asked that the officers involved be prosecuted,” reported

Fort Worth Police Exonerated

However, interim police chief Ed Kraus stood by his officers and the tactics and decisions employed. “Slaton raised a handgun and officers perceived that as a threat,” he said. “Officers gave him several lawful orders, but he chose not to comply.”

In another twist to the story, officers may not have killed the suspect at all. “Ballistics tests showed that a bullet from a 10mm handgun entered and exited JaQuavion Slaton’s head, according to multiple law enforcement sources and a city official,” reported

According to multiple reports, Slaton suffered a 10mm wound, both entrance and exit, to the head. Inside the truck, officers found a 10mm pistol and one spent casing. No officers involved carried 10mm pistols that day, according to reports.

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