If you want to remain in the know on what operators around the world are using in their day-to-day operations, then look no further than Special Weapons. From Chinese assault rifles to the cutting-edge Croatian VHS bullpup to what Jordanian special forces are using and how, this is the place to be!

Foreign Firepower: 5 Chinese Assault Rifles

While the Soviets may claim the mantle of having developed the famed and feared AK-47, the Chinese have adapted into an entire new family of weapon systems. Take a look at some amazing AK-based weapons, and some other equally impressive domestic designs.

Brazil’s PGM Sniper Rifles: The Ultima Ratio & Hecate II

On the mean streets in Brazil, sometimes one shot is all you get. And, when it comes to those fighting on the side of good against organized crime and drug lords, this is often the case. Enter the PGM series of precision rifles, providing Brazil’s warriors with the power to win against all threats.

Guns of the Elite: Portugal’s Spec-Ops Warrios

While it may a small country, Portugal often punches well above its weight class. Take a look at some of their most capable warriors, along with their cutting-edge tactics and gear. You will not be disappointed.

Foreign Firepower: Croatian VHS 5.56mm Bullpup

The bullpup is am impressive and capable design, albeit a bit idiosyncratic. Enter the VHS 5.56mm bullpup from Croatia, rugged and reliable carbine that is long on power while being short on overall length. Light, handy and powerful, this warfighter is ready for any potential foe.

Guns of the Elite: Jordanian Special Forces

When it comes to cutting-edge guns, gear and tactics, it is hard to beat the Jordanian Special Forces. Lavishly equipped and trained, these warriors are ready to face down the myriad of threats their beloved kingdom undoubtedly faces. In the midst of the turmoil of the Middle East, these warriors stand fast.

Guns of the Elite: 160th SOAR Night Stalkers

The best of the best, the SOAR Night Stalkers are trained to move quickly and decisively against any threat around the world that threatens America’s interests. With top-tier aircraft and weapons, these warriors strike fear into evildoers around the world.

ArmaLite’s AR-10A4 Rifles Help Rio’s Elite Police Force Keep the Peace

In Rio de Janeiro, law enforcement officers can quickly find themselves on the receiving end of a lot of danger. As a result, they must have top-tier weapons that can engage these threats quickly, capably and reliably. Enter the Armalite AR-10A4, a precision rifle that can take down numerous threats quickly and effectively.

Foreign Elite Firepower: The RPG-7

One of the most ubiquitous weapons of the world, the RPG is seen in practically every hotspot in the world today. Cheap, plentiful and deadly, they are a threat that can turn a bad situation to much, much worse very quickly. A classic example of rugged Soviet ingenuity, the RPG will undoubtedly serve on battlefields well into the future.

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