We at wish all Americans a great Veterans Day. On this great day, we should take the opportunity to enjoy our lives, our liberties and our pursuits of happiness, all made possible and enriched by the servicemen and women we honor today. The millions of people who, when called or volunteered, became soldiers, Marines, sailors, Coasties, airmen or women and served all over the world at risk of their lives. It was not without a price; many friends were left under crosses or stars of David while others came home minus a leg, an arm or worse. However, all lost a part of their youth and were instead given memories of duty, horror, rage, sorrow, honor, laughter and tears.

Each one of our veterans is unique. Sometimes their stories are too tough to tell, are unbelievable to hear, or are best understood by those who had “been there.” They are as different as the jobs they did in uniform and even iconoclastic compared to civilians. We want to express the greatest respect for those individual military contributors who have served this country well to ensure our security.

Today, please thank every veteran you see for their service and for giving up a part of their life while enduring the experiences sometimes too tough to remember, let alone discuss with others. We at thank all of our honored veterans today and every day. Because of you, we are free. Because of you, we are America.

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We at wish all Americans a great Veterans Day. On this great day,…