irTactical Training Systems provide law enforcement training with an innovative and ultra-realistic way to train. Officers and first responders will be more prepared than ever before. The projectile-less and safe irTactical system allows training to occur anywhere without posing a danger to surroundings or creating a mess. It’s cheaper and faster than other alternatives currently on the market.

Predator Games has begun selling their high-end laser tag product to police and military agencies to assist in their training efforts. This new brand of ultra-realistic tactical training gear, irTactical, aims to help police and military tactical teams save more lives while saving money. It allows law enforcement personnel to train faster, anywhere, at any time. Key features include durability and realism. Initially, the irM4, patented SmartMag, and irVest will be offered.


IrTactical represents the finest law enforcement tactical training equipment you can buy. You won’t find a better training aid anywhere else. For starters, irTactical gear provides you with the most realistic training gear available. Gear operates just like the real thing and all weights and measurements are virtually identical. All products are made of glass-filled nylon or cast aluminum resulting in the utmost durability and quality. irTactical’s projectile-less system gives law enforcement state-of-the-art tools that allow them to train anywhere, quickly and cheaply. Be prepared for a crisis wherever it may arise; be it a school, bank, street corner, or anywhere else.


The irTactical irM4 laser training rifle is modeled after one of the most popular law enforcement arms in the world, the AR15/M4. As mentioned previously, the weight, size, and look is virtually the same as the real thing. Slam in our patented SmartMag to power the irM4 and you’re set. The irM4 creates a realistic felt recoil and noise when fired. The SmartMag deducts a shot each time and can be passed from one trainee to another. Sensors are placed throughout the irVest, a tactical MOLLE vest, to register hits and provide audible and visible feedback.

For more information on the brand new line of irTactical products, visit or call 888-950-1221 x1.
About Predator Games – Predator Games was founded in 2005 and is a division of Universal Electronics, Inc, located in Whitewater, WI. Paintball laser tag was created to offer players a cleaner, safer, and cheaper way to play paintball.

About irTactical – Created and sold by Predator Games, irTactical is the future of law enforcement tactical training. Predator Games has engineered a high-class product with their existing patented laser tag technology to provide a realistic way to train anywhere while saving money.

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irTactical Training Systems provide law enforcement training with an innovative and ultra-realistic way to…