Larry Vickers AK Operators Class

The AK is not meant to be a wall-hanger, it is meant to be fired. However, while the basic design and operation of the AK is not complicated, it is not perfect—and as with any tool, you need to know how to properly use it. Anyone looking to get training on the proper use for the AK would be well served to attend a session of Larry Vickers AK Operators Class.

This two-day course covers all the basics from safety, and basic marksmanship to field stripping and maintenance. More advanced skills include reloads, presentation, shooting positions—as well as clearing weapon malfunctions, shooting on the move and weapon transitions. Students also run through timed drills while receiving specific weapon advice and instruction from Vickers on the design of the AK and suggested modifications.

I attended a recent class in Virginia hosted by Alias Training, LLC of Virginia Beach, VA, and managed to make a fool of myself in the first five minutes by asking Vickers about AK malfunctions. As he delicately explained, the AK is not foolproof and indeed several malfunctions occurred during the class with student AKs. The biggest issue Vickers sees is with poor rebuilds from imported parts kits which can cause a failure of the trigger to properly reset, improperly installed safeties that go up too high or down too low when they are employed, 5.56/.223 caliber conversions that don’t feed properly, and the worst offender, bad magazines that either don’t fit properly or fall apart.

If you take this class be prepared to shoot a lot and receive high-quality instruction from a true expert who has trained and served with the best. You will be paying for Larry Vickers opinion and training not his hand-holding. You will have to go elsewhere for that. As he explains, he provides the training he feels you need, not the training you think you want. To learn more visit

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