Students used the Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T. This Canadian S.W.A.T. member used it to win the 2010 U.S. S.W.A.T. Nationals.

A group of law enforcement off­­­­­­­icers recently gathered in cen­­­­­­­­­­­­­tral Florida to engage with the professionals from Leupold Tactical Optics in a training seminar. The course, Tactical Optics 101, was given by Leupold at the Orlando Police Department’s new, fully equipped, automated range. This state-of-the-art facility has multimedia classrooms, as well as modern, computer-controlled, indoor ranges for firing up to 100 yards. The climate-controlled OPD indoor ranges are built for both pistols and long guns up to .50 BMG precision rifles. The three ranges can be lighted to simulate daytime, nighttime or any conditions in between. They are big enough to host vehicles such as the OPD armored BearCat to allow realistic deployment of operators. The floor of each range has a grid of 2×2-inch holes in the concrete, which allow for the construction of partitions to simulate any structure or tactical obstacle that an operator might encounter. The participants used the ranges’ full capability to employ the Leupold optics at various distances and in all lighting conditions.

The experienced Leupold staff provided hands-on instruction to more than 60 law enforcement professionals.

More than 60 LEOs participated in the multimedia, hands-on course taught by Tim O’Connor, an experienced Leupold trainer and LE Sales Manager. O’Connor discussed the basics of optics, the use of telescopic sights and how to properly mount and sight them in. The classroom portion was full of information and tips based on operational experience from shooters in the field. The classroom sessions were followed by hands-on application of the instruction. Each participant was able to use Leupold tactical scopes to engage targets with 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons. Various reticles and in-scope ranging systems were demonstrated, so officers could select the ones that best suited their needs to precisely place rounds on target.

Leupold History
The American optic company Leupold & Stevens started in 1907 when Fred Leupold set up a one-man shop in Portland, Oregon, to repair surveying equipment. According to family legend, in 1947 Marcus Leupold missed a shot at a blacktail buck due to fogged lenses in a riflescope. Angry at the poor quality optic, he exclaimed “Hell, I could make a better scope than this!” True to his word, Leupold entered the riflescope market with the introduction of the 2.5X Plainsman. Taking a lesson from WWII, Leupold became the first optics manufacturer to evacuate the scope interior of air and then fill it with pure nitrogen, which eliminates any chance of internal fogging.

tactical-weapons-leupold-cThe Orlando Police Department hosted the class at their new 100-yard indoor range.

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