Inspector Bots can be outfitted with a front sight, scope, infrared, barrel-mounted camera, an autoloader and a suppressor.

The SWAT team faces a stalemate. After a robbery has gone bad, officers have the suspect cornered in a blind alley. He’s heavily armed, mean and nervous, with nothing to lose. The team has two choices – wait him out while he shoots wildly into the street or charge into gunfire to neutralize the threat. Then, a truck arrives. A team member unloads a tiny vehicle, about the size of a kid’s wagon. Mounted atop the four-wheeled platform are a camera, actuators and a fierce-looking gun barrel. Once activated, the operator drives the miniature car with a small remote console.

Inspector Bots
Inspector Bots, the brainchild of industrial designer Chris Rogers, features six robotic UGV platforms for a variety of mission applications including surveillance, inspection, reconnaissance, wire and cable installation, pest control and energy audits, just to name a few. The designs range from the ROMP (Remotely Operated Mobile Platform), a simple platform ready for user customization to handle specific tasks; to the Spider Mite and Space Crawler, both small devices for remote operation in confined spaces.

Weapon Platform
The platform’s weapon system utilizes a Mil Sim M16 front sight, and an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) red/green dot scope. A ventilated shroud mounted on the gun barrel gives the device a menacing look. The gun can elevate 20 degrees up or down and is capable of firing 20 rounds per second in full-auto mode, shooting pepper balls or hardened rubber bullets that can incapacitate a suspect in a variety of hostile situations including hostage rescue and crowd control. The magazine holds up to 100 rounds that are effective at about 250 feet with a long-range barrel installed.

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Inspector Bots can be outfitted with a front sight, scope, infrared, barrel-mounted camera, an…