Learning the ins and outs of your gear in harsh environments can ensure that you and your team are prepared for any eventuality.

After a couple of decades serving as a police officer, the need to work with a partner becomes permanently imprinted. Fighting alone certainly happens, it is the nature of police work, but most agencies do their best to send officers in pairs or more to critical calls. Dealing with armed suspects alone should not be the plan. This is especially true for active shooter situations. In reality, this is often dependent on your department, staffing, and the luck of the draw, but for the most part, these situations are handled with a partner or a team. As a tactical team, military squad or contractor abroad, teamwork becomes even more critical.

To ensure training mirrors real-world conditions, it is advisable for LEOs to practice together as a unit in realistic conditions.

Many departments spend the majority of their training focused on the individual. For the most part, it is easier, can be less costly, and given the propensity for agencies to be supremely risk-focused, it is often safer. As training and tactics become more complex, they require significant attention, something many administration simply will not support. A recent trip to LMS Defense brought that point home, with a team tactics class and the added complication of adverse conditions.

Good training is more than simply operating your gun—it is employing it in situations an LEO might encounter under fire. A good example is reloading your rifle from the prone position.

LMS Defense
The LMS Defense facility is located about a half-hour outside Reno, Nevada. The facility has several ranges, including a 10,000-square-foot shoothouse. The primary environment is dust, dirt and some more dirt. Its composition is that of a fine talcum powder that gets into everything. This is the perfect environment for those who find themselves fighting in high desert. LMS Defense also teaches classes in Northern California, Arizona, Washington and several other places. John Chapman, the director, is a retired police lieutenant with many years as a trainer. He is also an experienced contractor having worked in the personal security field for years. The training is practical, well-tested, and geared towards anyone looking for real-world training. Needless to say, I was looking forward to attending.

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Learning the ins and outs of your gear in harsh environments can ensure that…