In the Fall of 2003, we received information that a suspect wanted for a prison escape out of Minnesota and narcotics trafficking out of Texas, was some where in Las Vegas. The lead investigator on the case had stopped a car leaving an apartment complex because the driver fit the description of the crook.

Unfortunately it was only his brother, who gave us several girlfriends’ names and possible locations where he may be hiding, so we conducted random surveillances that were fruitless. Months went by and the US Marshall’s Office in Minnesota were convinced that he was traveling from Mexico to Las Vegas and back up to Minnesota distributing Cocaine, but still no luck.

We received a tip that he was staying with a girl at a local apartment complex but was planning on departing soon. We acted swiftly and set up surveillance. However, the crook had a 6th sense, and after attempting a ruse he was able to flee without detection. A few more months went by with no information or tips.

I was off duty one Saturday night do my wife and I stopped at a local pub and restaurant for an annual drawing, the prize being a 3-day stay at pool and spa. I always carry at least one pistol off duty, this night I was carrying my Glock 23C.

Guess who was sitting across the bar from me having a beer? The warrants were from 1993 and the mugshot was 10 years old. I contacted an on-duty detective at first did not agree it was the fugitive. I contacted the Marshall in Minnesota and he provided me the suspect’s cell phone and I called it. The person of interest answered, identifying himself as the fugitive. Being in an undercover capacity, I saw him pick up his cell and that was enough.

I had the fellas move in, the rest is history. He did not resist arrest. The kicker to the war story is my wife won the drawing…

— DF, NV

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In the Fall of 2003, we received information that a suspect wanted for a…