Every mechanical device needs servicing, especially if its reliability and operation are essential to its users. Although GLOCKs seldom malfunction or break, having trained armorers to care for a fleet of GLOCK pistols is very important.

Lt. Brian Marshall is one of several GLOCK-trained armorers at the Marietta Police Department based out of Georgia, and he’s certified to work on many makes and models of firearms.

When asked about working on GLOCK pistols, he said, “Compared to other rifles, shotguns and pistols, the GLOCK is the simplest of all of them. Other than the punch tool, nothing else is needed to do the work on any model of GLOCK. The pistol is tremendously reliable, but we inspect all issued firearms annually, and any parts that are replaced are inexpensive and readily available from the factory or other suppliers.”

Lt. Marshall also commented on the reliable customer service available from GLOCK, saying, “The GLOCK factory support has been amazing. They have quickly repaired or replaced parts on guns damaged while in use, like when an officer was knocked off a motorcycle while off duty (landing on his off-duty weapon). The resulting accident gave his GLOCK 27 a beating and severe road rash. GLOCK customer service promptly replaced the frame and got the pistol back on duty!”

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