SWAT Officers participate in a Fire and Maneuver Drill on NCJA East Firing Range. Photos courtesy NCJA

If you were to ask any law enforcement officer in the state of North Carolina what the North Carolina Justice Academy (NCJA) is and what the Academy does, you would undoubtedly get the correct answer from everyone that you asked. This is because the NCJA is tasked with providing these officers with top-notch training for their dangerous jobs.

I currently work for the NCJA as a full-time firearms instructor and firearms school director. With that being said, let me assure every reader up front that I am not writing this article on our agency simply because I work here at the Academy. On the contrary, I believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing at the Academy for our fellow law enforcement officers—saving lives.

Firearms for Female Officers Course

All-Points Training
The NCJA is the only standalone, full-time law enforcement training facility in our state and it’s firmly dedicated to every aspect of training for law enforcement officers all over North Carolina. Founded in 1976, the NCJA East Campus property was originally a junior college and a school for girls in its colorful history. Once acquired by the State of North Carolina and opened in 1976, the property underwent a complete overhaul. The Western Campus was at one time a local high school before being acquired by the state and it has experienced its own amazing transformation since its inception in the late 1990s as well.

The flag and Memorial Wall stand as a welcome to attendees and visitors at NCJA upon their arrival.

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SWAT Officers participate in a Fire and Maneuver Drill on NCJA East Firing Range.…