My first call of the day, I was dispatched to a minor traffic collision in a rural part of the county. I was nearly at the scene when dispatch put out a call for a domestic dispute involving a gun. Dispatch had a teenager on the phone advising that her dad was standing over her mother in the backyard holding a revolver to her head and threatening to kill her. As the call came over the radio, I realized that I was less than a mile from the call and the other units were coming from about 5 miles away. Being the closest unit, I immediately advised that I would be en route.

I arrived down the street from where the call had come from and was able to observe the house. At the end of a long driveway, I saw a woman running, waving her arms, with a male chasing her across the yard.

I started down the long driveway in my cruiser. The suspect saw me coming and jumped into his pickup. He started down the drive toward me at a high rate of speed. I stopped my patrol car and quickly exited, fearing that the suspect was going to ram me. Before the suspect got to me, I drew my weapon and started moving to cover. The suspect made it within 10 yards of my vehicle before he realized he couldn’t make it around my vehicle. Then he slammed his truck into reverse and began heading for the back of the property. I ran to the victim to try to get between her and the suspect, yelling for her to run for the house while I kept sight of the suspect….

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