It Happened To Me!

While the LE team I was then a part of conducted a narcotics search in broad daylight, my partner and I found ourselves in the middle of an unbelievable battle. After securing all persons in the common area, the team began a room-by-room static search.

Going downstairs into a darkened area, my partner and I located a man with his back to us both who was vigorously working on something. An investigation later revealed that the man was attempting to dispose of a large quantity of drugs. The first thing I noticed after seeing the man hurriedly moving about was a semi-automatic pistol lying well within reach to his left, with the hammer in the cocked position.

My partner and I approached silently, and the man had been so intent on destroying any evidence that he didn’t hear us converging on him. My partner apparently saw the handgun at the same time I did.

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