Fauquier County, Virginia’s fifth-largest dairy producer, is not immune to the crime that trickles out of Washington, D.C. In the Agency Spotlight column in the upcoming February 2014 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, author Jay Pinsky explores the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT), which serves high-risk warrants and protects the jurisdiction’s 67,000 residents.

According to Pinsky, “this team is a very highly trained and specialized unit compared to the typical patrolman in Fauquier. According to the team’s commanding officer, Captain Patrick Coffey, SERT’s purpose is to provide the type of tactical response necessary to safely diffuse or bring to a close certain types of high-risk or threatening situations. Coffey said 90 percent of the team’s calls are for high-risk warrants.

“The team’s missions include other situations as well, including but not limited to barricaded or suicidal subjects and drug raids. Coffey said the team utilizes specialized equipment and tactics, which make them an invaluable tool for the sheriff’s office in enhancing the public’s safety.”

To learn more about these urban/rural enforcers, check out the February 2014 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, available on newsstands and digitally November 19, 2013. To subscribe, go to

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