Real Action Paintball‘s new T68 Gen6 AK47 marker features all-metal construction with the company’s internal Flexi Air System. Each unit incorporates a fully functional magazine-feed system with 18 round detachable magazine. An optional 200 round hopper adaptor is available for those who need more ammo capacity.

The T68 AK47 is designed for scenario paintball and military training. As the “opposing force” marker, the T68 AK47 enhances military combat training and scenario realism.

The T68 AK47 features the same inherent reliability and durability of Real Action’s T68 line, by virtue of being made completely of metal. To replicate the real deal, the aesthetics are dead-on and the pistol grip and handguard are made of wood – the T68 AK47 is made to take a beating! The unit is built around an internal Flexi-Air System that enables you to use an air tank within the stock, or to use a full size air tank as a stock.

The T68 AK47 shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs, features an 18 round detachable magazine, and can use a standard hopper. It has an adjustable velocity range between 200 and 325 fps for scenarios, and up to 450fps for police and military users, with a maximum range of 300 feet and an effective range of 150 feet. With these features, the T68 AK47 is an outstanding paintball marker for scenario players and for         those who need reliable and durable gear. Best of all, they come with 5 year warranties from defects in manufacturing or material – one of the longest product warranties you’ll find in the industry.

The T68 AK47 is the best combat training simulation tool for OpFor, and an ideal scenario marker.

Key features include:
– .68 caliber system
– Semi-Automatic (optional upgrade for semi/burst/auto)
– 18 Round detachable magazine
– Optional 200 round hopper adaptor
– Internal Flexi-Air System
– All-Metal Construction
– Wood pistol grip and handguard
– Works with CO2/Compressed Air/ HPA/Nitrogen from all tank sizes
– Maximum range: 300 feet
– Effective range: 150 feet
– Velocity 200-325 fps (adjustable): Recreational Version
– Velocity 350-450 fps (adjustable): Military and Law Enforcement Version
– 5 Year Warranty

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