Members of a U.S. Air Force tactical team enter from the stairwell.

As a S.W.A.T. team member and police trainer, I can attest that finding new and realistic training environments presents a dilemma. Typically, officers are relegated to training in only a handful of structures, day in and day out. Before long, team members can’t help but memorize the floor plans of these structures. Training value is diminished since officers are no longer required to read the layout of the structure as they would during an actual operation.

Thanks to UXB International, Inc., providing realistic training to law enforcement and military personnel just got a whole lot easier. According to its creator, Mike Warminsky, the Reconfigurable Armored Tactical Personnel and Collective (RATPAC) training system is the result of a blue-ribbon panel of Spec Ops and LE professionals tasked with developing a “train as you fight” environment. As such, RATPAC was designed to be the ultimate training ground for both the War on Terror and the war on drugs.

Tactical Weapons recently attended an interactive demonstration showcasing RATPAC. The event was hosted in conjunction with Awareness Protective Consultants, CUBIC Corporation, SMH International, and the U.S. Army. This free train-the-trainer event, held in Orlando, Florida, focused on reaping the benefits of the RATPAC structure as well as incorporating sound tactics, essential for real-word mission success.

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