Saab Training USA has been awarded the Live Training Transformation Interim Range System (LT2-IRS) contract by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office of Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI). The contract has two option years and has a potential value of $41 million. Saab Training USA will produce and field up to seven Range Systems during the next three years. The first system will be delivered November 2011 with an additional instrumentation system to be delivered approximately every eight months to seven U.S. Army homestations throughout the country. Under the LT2-IRS contract, Saab Training USA will be fielding a communication network system that distributes radios for each soldier and vehicle to enable soldiers to engage in instrumented force on force training. Saab Training USA recently completed a delivery of 17 communication networks to the U.S. Marine Corps for similar instrumented training.

“Saab Training USA is proud to field a communication networking system that will not only continue to enhance warfighters’ urban operation skills but will be crucial to the U.S. Army’s transition to Full Spectrum Operations (FSO) training,” says Brian Domian, Director of Business Development at Saab Training USA.

“Under LT2-IRS, Saab Training USA will assume a major role in providing a communication network system to the U.S. Army to enhance warfighters’ training as they revert back to the multi-faceted FSO scenarios essential to preparing for the growing challenges faced on the battlefield,” says Lars Borgwing, President of Saab Training USA.

Saab Training USA is located in Central Florida’s Research Park in Orlando, FL and has supported the U.S. Armed Forces and Homeland Security with targets, laser simulators and instrumentation training products for more than thirty years. For more information, visit:

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Saab Training USA has been awarded the Live Training Transformation Interim Range System (LT2-IRS)…