Saab Training USA fielded their Instrumented Tactical Engagement Simulation System (I-TESS) at the U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Center at Quantico, Virginia, on Aug. 9, 2010. I-TESS was used to teach land navigation control, safety, scoring, and situation awareness to the students at The Basic School (TBS).

TBS is a 26 week program where newly commissioned U.S. Marine Corps officers are given extensive classroom and field training that emphasize the full range of the core duties and skills required of a U.S. Marine Corps Officer; including leadership, communications, weapons and tactics.

The Land Navigation exercise consisted of 200 Marines, each one equipped with Saab’s Man-Worn Detection Systems (MDS). The MDS contains a combination of global positioning system (GPS) and radio technology to track each player and communicate their position and status to an exercise control system developed by Saab Training Systems. The MDS is equipped with an emergency feature and can be expanded to report the individual Marine’s biometric data.

“Land navigation is a basic but critical task that every Marine is required to master and a vital part of training doctrine throughout the U.S. Military Services,” says Lars Borgwing President of Saab Training USA. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer our equipment and training services to Marines’ training to defend our Nation.”

In addition to providing location information, I-TESS provides Marine Corps Cadre with an automated way of scoring each individual on assigned navigation points reached. The Course is a 4 x 4 km. area consisting of rough, hilly and thickly vegetated terrain. All the information is recorded and replayed as necessary to enhance the land navigational skills of the Marines using I-TESS After Action Review (AAR) features. A comprehensive AAR consists of graphic modeling of 2D/3D images of position location and triggers that provide accurate location information and scoring data.

About Saab Training USA
Saab Training USA is located in Central Florida’s Research Park and has supported the U.S. Armed Forces and Homeland Security with targets, laser simulators and instrumentation training products for more than thirty years. Saab Training USA is a business unit of The Saab Group (STO: SAAB.B), which provides aerospace and defense products and services worldwide. For more information, visit:

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