I discovered first hand how having the right ammo for the job at hand makes a world of difference when I was on guard duty in Iraq. We were charged by a crazed Iraqi local after repeated warnings to halt and stop in both English and Arabic. He then stopped and stared at both of us who were at the gate with our weapons drawn and at the low ready with the safety off. We were each armed with M4 carbines and Beretta M9 9mm pistols.

I moved over to bring him into the secured area for more detailed questions and to see what he was doing out past the curfew, which was put in place by the Iraqi government in the area. The second guard pulled security and watched my back; as I moved to grab his arms to his back and put a pair of flex cuffs on him to bring him on the post, he started to get fidgety and real nervous after repeated orders for him to calm down and not resist.

He then started to fight me, so I took him to the ground and he continued to fight; he then broke loose from my hold and pulled a knife which he had hidden in his boot. He then charged at both of us, so we opened fire at him. He was hit twice with 9mm rounds, which had no effect on him. The rounds from the M4 did stop him. So after that, I learned that the 9mm is ineffective against most people and that the 5.56mm round works a lot better.
— JN, CA

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I discovered first hand how having the right ammo for the job at hand…