Because the next firing position for a LE sniper is completely unpredictable, St. Charles challenges their operators during training to make first-round hits form various positions – including inside an APC

The St. Charles Sheriff’s Department is responsible for an area of 587 square miles with 600 miles of public roadways, the largest county in the State of Missouri. St. Charles is adjacent to St. Louis and serves approximately 360,000 residents in unincorporated areas. Every member of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department is tasked to promote, preserve and deliver security and safety to visitors and residents of Missouri. To fulfill that mission, Sheriff Tom Neer and the 155 commissioned and 70 civilian SCCSD personnel provides professional and responsive law enforcement services to St. Charles County and to municipal police departments on request. One of these services is the St. Charles County Regional SWAT, which is composed of 30 officers from SCCSD and from the St. Peters, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis and Wentzville police departments.

Each sniper has their own handcrafted ghillie suit camouflaged to match the regional terrain


The SCCSD has the same problems as any big city: crimes against people and property, robberies and organized gangs and criminals running meth labs and sales networks. St. Charles County is huge and includes everything from city streets to rural farms and wooded areas. As a result, the St. Charles County Regional SWAT team and their precision shooters have to be ready to operate in a wide range of environment. Police snipers generally do not engage beyond a couple of hundred yards. However, they are expected to place every bullet not only with technical precision but also in accordance with the law, which stipulates that a shot must be taken to counter an immediate, lethal threat and it must be done in one life-saving shot. It’s all about the bullseye, so their training, mindset, equipment and especially their weapons must support a spectrum of possible missions. SWAT snipers must be ready for urban operations on multi-story rooftops, from an office window or in a suburban home. When they must reach a final firing position to deal with a criminal situation deep in the Missouri woods, they don ghillie suits to blend into the varied terrain. And when they get into position they have to have a weapon that will deliver one cold-bore shot precisely where it is needed, at a moment’s notice.


That is why the St. Charles County Regional SWAT team chose the Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical rifle.

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Because the next firing position for a LE sniper is completely unpredictable, St. Charles…