No S.W.A.T. or combat vehicle can be all things to all operations, but the BearCat lineup from Lenco Industries Inc. comes closer than most to fulfilling the multi-faceted missions of police, military and private-security personnel at home and around the world.

Whether police need to quickly halt a domestic standoff, or Marines need to patrol the perimeters of a Navy base, or a security firm needs to escort VIPs and their entourage from the BIAP to the Green Zone, chances are they’re using a BearCat to carry out their missions. That’s because once the original BearCat hit the street in 1999, Lenco Industries has steadily and reliably filled the niche between up-armored SUVs and the heavy-duty MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles in both safety and affordability.

As Lenco President Len Light says: “The BearCat lineup strives for optimal balance in the ‘iron triangle’ of payload, protection and performance. On pavement, BearCats rival an SUV in speed and maneuverability. Off-road, they rival a Humvee in speed and versatility, but with far more protection against bullets and bomb blasts.”

Lenco has put more than 5,000 BearCat vehicles into action at home and in 38 countries around the world, with most in the three categories of: BearCat (military and law-enforcement), BearCat VIP SUV, and BearCat G4.

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