Shooting around barricades is a needed skill most military and LE trainees need to master. Mac shows how to overcome the obstacle.

“The approach to instruction is through coaching and mentorship, and both demonstrate and transfer a training method that is safe, effective, combat relevant, and encourages a continuous thought process that demands accountability.”

This is but one of the methodologies included on the TMACS website, but it is perhaps the most apt. TMACS (Tactics, Marksmanship, Adventure, Concepts, Security) represents the breadth of services that Pat “Mac” McNamara offers through his company. Patrick McNamara spent 22 years in the U.S. Army in a myriad of special operations units and he retired from the Army’s premier hostage rescue unit as a sergeant major. He’s also the author of the book Tactical Application of Practical Shooting and runs the TAPS course.

Pat “Mac” McNamara uses a timer for tough practice drills. Though it would be the bane of many students’ existence over the two-day training seminar, Mac offers a challenging train-the-trainer course that greatly benefits any who attend.

Over the course of two days in the fall Florida weather at Universal Shooting Academy outside of Frostproof, Florida, 16 students worked with Mac on learning those tactical applications while practically shooting both carbines and handguns. The student roster was comprised of multiple federal law enforcement agents, local-level officers/deputies, a USPSA grand master, and several defense-minded non-LE civilians. Many of the students also were prior-service or active/reserve military.

Pistol training with Mac begins with dry-fire practice at the 7-yard line. Then students practice live from the high-ready position with single shots, double-taps, five-round strings, and then working from a holster.

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Shooting around barricades is a needed skill most military and LE trainees need to…