Despite superb training, preparation and equipment, no SWAT team member relishes an assault against a barricaded suspect. Entering a structure, especially when its layout is unknown, is a scary proposition—maybe even lethal—but approaching a building can be equally dangerous. To address this problem, SWAT teams are relying increasingly on armored vehicles to protect officers who are vulnerable to gunfire when they move across open areas to structures they must breach to engage adversaries. Using vehicles, however, poses a problem for agencies that often must choose between two suboptimal options.

Most armored vehicles have been designed for military applications, but are too large, heavy and expensive for many police agencies. The second available alternative is less expensive but far less effective, often a conventional truck with bolt-on armor plating to protect drivers and passengers.

TAG Is It!
Enter The Armored Group (TAG). Founded more than 20 years ago, the company offers a range of armored cars, sport utility vehicles and trucks—all built from the chassis up on a variety of vehicle frames.

The company’s latest entry is the Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) S AP Edition, a vehicle optimized for law enforcement applications at an affordable price with superior protection comparable to far more expensive competitors. The BATT S-model, for smaller calibers, enables law enforcement agencies to purchase a new armored rescue vehicle with a new chassis, armor and full warranty, armored to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level III (.308 round) protection at a price comparable to a used, refurbished military surplus Peacekeeper. The S-series AP Edition upgrades it to a well-equipped vehicle with NIJ Level IV (.50-caliber ball ammunition) protection, the most powerful round any suspect is likely to utilize in a firefight, with a starting cost around $159,000. The BATT S AP has become one of TAG’s most popular vehicles because it provides SWAT teams with heavy-caliber protection for deployment, extraction and medical emergency missions that otherwise would be beyond their budgets…

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Despite superb training, preparation and equipment, no SWAT team member relishes an assault against…