The first live-fire training course was conducted recently by Airmen in the 443rd Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron with a goal of teaching members how to respond to an active shooter scenario.

The goal of course, which lasted three days, was to help improve adviser reaction to a hostile scenario involving an enemy combatant and included rapid-fire drills, quick-fire reaction drill and seated-reaction drills.

The training was initiated by NATO Training Command-Afghanistan in response to a shooting in Kabul that claimed the lives of nine advisers April 27.

“We currently conduct monthly familiarization training without using ammunition which includes all of the transition drills we conducted during this recent live-fire course,” said Master Sgt. Terry Gilbert, with the 738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group. “Our future plans for the monthly course will be to incorporate some building clearing techniques, assault maneuvers and more advanced weapons handling.”

The course was conducted at one of three Kandahar Air Field ranges which is used for all normal day-to-day adviser weapons training including use of the M240 and Afghan weapons training. Security forces members said without help from the rest of the unit, this training would have been very difficult to facilitate.

“This (training) was a challenge for us as we have the largest contingent of Afghans to mentor here at Kandahar along with the advisor weapons training,” said Sergeant Gilbert. “Our adviser family here at Kandahar is quick to help with duties such as extra range officials and range security. Without help from the rest of the 738th, this training would not have been a success.”

Source: Capt. Jamie Humphries for 438th Air Expeditionary Wing:

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