My incident goes back quite a few years, to 1967, but the memory lingers on. I was on vacation from my law enforcement duties and headed to Florida to visit relatives. I decided to get a motel room for the night in a small Georgia town whose name escapes me these many years later. After depositing my wife and four very young children in the motel room I left to find a restaurant for some take-out. I located a reasonable looking burger-type place, parked and went inside to place my order.

Inside were six or seven local types in their late teens or early 20s. I immediately began to hear the catcalls and insults a police officer hears from time to time, such as “here piggie piggie,” or “oink oink,” and “looks like the pig is on vacation.” Apparently one of them saw the fraternal police organization decals on my windshield.
Discretion dictated that I ignore the insults and remove myself from a situation better left forgotten. As I entered my car, two of the thugs decided to follow me, for what reasons I’ll never actually know.

I decided to turn away from the motel where my family was staying and travel in the opposite direction. It turns out this was a prudent move, as they began to tailgate me, blowing their horn and shouting things I couldn’t quite make out, but they were definitely not friendly.

After turning down several roads, it was clear they wanted something more than just a social conversation with me, so picking my spot, I pulled to the shoulder of the road. They immediately pulled next to me so close that I would have problems opening my driver door. I thought that was rather stupid on their part, as their passenger door would’ve had the same issue.

Before either of them could act, the passenger had my 1911 ensconced in his cheek and in the best imitation of John Wayne I asked, “Now you boys don’t want to f–k with me, do ya?” I slightly withdrew the 1911 and the last I saw of them was with a loud crying and burning rubber.

I didn’t sleep too well that night, as I was on high alert for retaliation. Fortunately nothing more occurred and we went on to enjoy our vacation.

That incident happened over 40 years ago and to this day, even in retirement, I carry on a daily basis.
— JC, Internet

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My incident goes back quite a few years, to 1967, but the memory lingers…