While assigned to our local District Attorney’s Crimes Against Children Unit, I handled many a horrific case of child abuse, but few were worse than a degenerate who sexually and physically abused his 18-month-old daughter. This baby had a terrible assortment of injuries.

After taking this child to the emergency room, this thug, an ex-con, claimed the baby had sustained her injuries in a fall from her crib, a medical impossibility as explained by the physician who summoned me and gave me the probable cause to arrest for felony child abuse. I arranged to have this cretin jailed on a million-dollar-plus bond, based on his record and the nature of the crime.

Before departing for home at the end of my shift some six hours later, I got the typical call from my wife to grab some things from the grocery for dinner. While wheeling my cart through the neighborhood supermarket, I came face to face with none other than this defendant. I found out later that his mother, a woman of substance who believed that junior could do no wrong, had posted valuable real estate to secure a property bond for his release. I saw that he was already drunk, and had picked up a couple of malt liquors for more post-release celebration.

This defendant, easily 6’4” and at least 250 pounds of prison weight-lifting bulk, immediately went into his street mode. “You lying motherf_____! I’m gonna kill you!”

I have always practiced survival tactics as a lifestyle, and I am always prepared, this time with a Colt Gov’t Model .45 stoked with +P Hydra-Shok. I drew the Colt and shoved my cart between me and the suspect, simply choosing to hold him at bay and back out of the store in front of my now-astonished fellow customers. I simply did not want to risk an armed confrontation in a store crowded with rush-hour shoppers. The suspect’s face went from a sneer to an expression of panic when he looked down the bore of my weapon, and he simply froze.

I immediately returned to my car, where a quick cellphone call to dispatch brought uniformed cover. We went into the store and after a brief struggle, including a few well-placed whaps from my sap, this mope was in cuffs and en route to the jail.

I made immediate contact with the on-call judge and got the bail forfeited. This suspect later stood trial, tried to gull the jury into believing this child’s brutal injuries were the result of a tumble from a crib, and was rewarded with a conviction and a 16-year prison sentence. In a happy ending for the child, child protection services revoked parental custody and the baby was placed with a loving adoptive family where she now thrives.

Hard-fought legislative battles resulted in the successful passage of HR 218, national concealed carry for cops. A huge selling point for this victory is the fact that vengeful suspects at large in our communities are more than willing to seek retribution against those of us who investigate and put them away. The best assurance against such retaliation is an off‑duty survival mindset along with the right off‑duty equipment when the time to act comes. Like a certain credit card commercial says, “Don’t leave home without it!”
— GP, CA

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While assigned to our local District Attorney’s Crimes Against Children Unit, I handled many…