I was recently invited to attend the Way of the Gun Pistol/Carbine Operator Course located near Anniston, Alabama. The course consisted of three full days of training that covered basic pistol and carbine skills, and later transitioned to advanced skills such as unusual barricade positions, transitions, individual movement techniques, night fire, and long-range engagements.

Taught by Frank Proctor, a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran with extensive CQB and sniper experience, the course is truly a bargain and fits well within the budgetary constraints currently faced by most law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Underscoring this fact, several local police officers arrived at the training location while on duty in order to observe the training layout. The officers’ feedback was very positive, and they reiterated that since LE budgets are tight, advanced training would most likely have to be pursued either through in-service training or at the officers’ own expense. Each of the officers also expressed an interest in returning to Way of the Gun in order to seek training at a later date.

Way of the Gun’s chief instructor and president, Frank Proctor, demonstrates engaging multiple targets in a linear array. Sight acquisition, recoil management, and trigger control are vital.

Frank is also a very experienced USPSA and multi-gun shooter, having achieved the rank of USPSA Limited Division Grand Master in December 2008. This is particularly remarkable because he reached this feat after only competing for a year. Additionally, Frank holds a Master classification in the IDPA Stock Service Pistol Division and has won multiple local, state and regional matches, including overall wins at the Alabama State USPSA Championships in 2009 and the Steel City Carbine Championships in 2010.

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I was recently invited to attend the Way of the Gun Pistol/Carbine Operator Course…