Tactical New Year's Resolutions are the way to get 2022 off to a great start

Tomorrow is the first day of a New Year, and if you’ve not made any resolutions you’re running out of time. Luckily we’re here to help with 5 Tactical New Year’s Resolutions.

5. Get in Better Shape

Being out of shape isn’t very tactical at all. Why not start off your Tactical New Year’s Resolutions by getting in better condition? This doesn’t mean run a marathon or bench press 400 pounds, it just means take wherever you’re at and make it better. Walking, running, push-ups, and body weight squats will always be free and require exactly zero equipment. Real world operators are in great shape, because fitness is an important component of fighting.

4. Upgrade your Gear

Still running that old school milsurp IOTV that your buddy accidentally permanently borrowed from his National Guard unit? Might be time to make a Tactical New Year’s Resolution to upgrade that to something a little more with the times. Maybe something ultra high-speed like the Crye Jumpable Plate Carrier. Or go with Tim Kennedy’s vest of choice, the 5.11 TacTec plate carrier.

3. Try a New Shooting Sport

tactical new years resolutions could be to start shooting revolver

If you’re an experienced competitor, maybe your Tactical New Year’s Resolution could be to try something new? Shoot a lot of USPSA? Branch out and try the Precision Rifle Series. Maybe you’re a hardcore 3-gun competitor. Challenge yourself and shoot Steel Challenge. Even if you don’t want to try a new shooting sport, you could also just try a new division. Switch things up, and start shooting Pistol Caliber Carbine instead of whatever you shoot now, for instance.

2. Take a Tactical Training Class

This is a great one, regardless of your skill level. It’s never a bad idea to get into a class and try to learn something new, or sharpen up old skill. Ammo prices are starting to come down, with 9mm available for around 30 cents a round again. Might be a good time to find a trainer near year, or one that’s coming to town, and sign up for a course.

1. Start Saving up for Night Vision

There is absolutely nothing more tactical than night vision goggles. If you really want to ball out in 2023, make your 2022 Tactical New Year’s Resolution to save up for NVGs. You could go reasonable for $2,000 for PVS-14. Or, throw all your disposable income away and spend $45,000 on quad-tubes so you can see everything in the dark.

These are just suggestions, of course. Maybe you want to dry fire every day, or run a marathon in 2022. Whatever you do, the key to success is consistency. Do the thing, and then do it again the next day!

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