Concealed carriers know the importance of maintaining a low profile. However, finding holsters and pouches that won’t print through your clothing is only half the battle. You also need tough, reliable equipment that won’t let you down when “it” hits the fan.

In the world of private security, personal protection and certain covert operations, the requirements are the same, but more so. You need access to more firepower, more communications equipment and more medical supplies, right on your person. How do you carry everything in a “non-permissive” environment where your kit should be out of sight and out of mind to onlookers—a situation where “less is more”?

Enter High Threat Concealment (HTC), a Virginia-based company founded by James Overton and Adam Garrison. James and Adam are, among other things, seasoned private security contractors who have worked in some truly hostile environments. They’ve seen gear put to the test and fail. HTC is a company built to address gear deficiencies in the field with the next generation of holster solutions.

At the core of the HTC product line is the company’s Low Profile System (LPS), which allows users to carry a broad array of equipment in a discreet manner. The typical setup is for a pistol holster, a dual pistol mag carrier, a dual rifle mag carrier, a radio and a medical kit, but it can be customized for your loadout. The system is modular, and each component can be changed out or relocated as needed. The LPS secures the maximum amount of equipment with minimum visibility. The entire system virtually disappears under a light jacket or blazer, and this is something a non-uniformed personal security contractor can really appreciate.

I caught up with James and Adam to find out more about HTC, and what I heard was truly a unique story. They started out of a makeshift workstation in their quarters in Afghanistan, providing gear solutions to their brothers in arms while deployed. Here are some highlights from that conversation.

Special Weapons: Why did you begin making your own gear and equipment overseas?

James: Simply because the gear we were issued would fail. When it came to pistol holsters, for example, we were issued one of the most well-known Kydex holsters in the market, and they would just break. Some of the guys had upgraded to other expensive Kydex and plastic rigs that are popular now, and those cracked as well. They would patch them together with duct tape. A lot of the early work we did was repairing other people’s holsters.

SW: So, when you say you started making products to address gear deficiencies in the field, you weren’t kidding. What’s one of the most epic “gear fails” you have ever seen?

James: Actually, I can share one of my own experiences. I was working a personal security detail for the number two U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, and as we were exiting a building, my Kydex holster cracked and it fell, with my gun, right onto the pavement. That was not a good situation. We were determined to have better gear, and if nobody would supply it to us, we would make it ourselves.

SW: How did you both go about getting started?

James: I remember the first workstation early on. We ordered everything over the Internet. I couldn’t believe it all shipped right to our quarters in Afghanistan—sheets of material, a heat gun, convection oven, band saw and all. Our first product was a radio holster, and we worked from there.

SW: Where is High Threat Concealment today?

Adam: We now have a dedicated U.S. facility with excellent equipment producing a well-rounded line of products. We employ several veterans, and the company is growing rapidly.

SW: What is the advantage of the High Threat Concealment Low Profile System?

Adam: It’s about having mission-specific equipment within reach while working within the restrictions of a less-permissive environment. It could also be that you are working away from your vehicle and need to have enough firepower on you to get through an engagement while keeping it out of sight. In many cases, just a pistol holster and mag pouch is not enough. That’s where the LPS delivers.

SW: What about civilian concealed carry? Is that a market High Threat Concealment serves as well?

James: Absolutely. Our OWB holsters are concealable with the right clothing, but they can also be modified for IWB use by installing optional soft loops. On top of that, we do offer a line of dedicated IWB holsters and magazine pouches as well.

SW: What new products are you currently working on?

Adam: We’re going to be releasing our own low-visibility battle belt and the new “Evo” hybrid holster. We’ll design and produce more products whenever a real need arises.

High Threat Concealment Personal Rig

James and Adam are among the coolest, most approachable guys I have spoken with in the business, and HTC is quickly carving out a nice niche in the marketplace. Why? Because the company’s gear is hands down some of the best there is.

My first order from HTC was for an OWB pistol holster customized to fit my Walther PPQ M2 Navy SD pistol with a threaded barrel and a red-dot sight. The holster has a tension-adjustment screw, which I view as an advantage over my other brands of Kydex or injection- molded holsters. The HTC holster has a very nice finish with smooth edges and attractive lines, yet it is both strong and lightweight. After seeing the initial quality of the holster, I soon ordered a matching dual mag pouch and was equally impressed. What stood out to me at first were the flared edges at the top of the mag carrier to facilitate smooth re-holstering of the magazine in the event of a reload with retention. This is a subtle addition to the product, one that I like. The mag pouches have the same adjustable retention as the holsters, which, again, adds to the custom feel and quality.

Part of the reason HTC is able to produce holsters to a high degree of fit and finish while keeping them durable and lightweight is the material the company has selected. HTC uses Boltaron, which has a higher acrylic content than Kydex and is very scratch and impact resistant while being resilient in extreme temperatures.

Whether you need a solution for every-day carry or products for military, law enforcement or private contract applications, HTC has you covered.

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