Designed by cops and made in America, the JTC Claw weighs only 10 pounds yet packs plenty of muscle so operators can get through doors, walls and other obstacles.

When SEAL Team Six and the 160th SOAR touched down in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on May 1, 2011, the helicopters got them to the target, but it probably took some breaching to get them inside. Whether it was mechanical or explosive, those operators didn’t have time to play games. They needed to hit the ground, breach walls and doors with tools that would get them in—otherwise it meant mission failure. I’m sure weight was a concern, and those operators probably chose light and capable breaching tools with the same precision they chose their weapons.

These days, whether on a covert military mission or if an active-shooter situation erupts, seconds count and minutes are a lifetime. All operators tend to carry high-tech weapons and gear, but what happens when a wood board, chain or locked door or window becomes the obstacle—how do you get in?


Jersey Tactical
A company in New Jersey may have the answer. Jersey Tactical is owned and operated by active law enforcement and military operators that saw a need and developed breaching equipment that is light, versatile and American made. They took the basics and made their tools easier to use.

Lighter than most rams, the Jersey Boot can kick in barriers, rake glass with its teeth, and serve as a step or door block.

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Designed by cops and made in America, the JTC Claw weighs only 10 pounds yet…