Preparing for different survival scenarios is something that takes a lot of smarts and strategy.

In the the 2015 issue of GUN ANNUAL, author Scott Oldham writes, “As the world situation continues, in some opinions, to decline, a significant number of individuals have become interested in all things ‘survival,’ amongst which is the topic of survival firearms. One has but to do a quick search on the Internet and a variety of opinions about the subject are there for the reader to digest—such a variety that, for many, the issue has become a little more than confusing.

“When you begin to look toward establishing a ‘survival’ battery of defensive firearms, the first thing that you must account for is exactly what you think your situation might become. Are you perhaps planning to survive a local or region-wide disaster where normalcy and the rule of law will eventually return, or are you imagining yourself in the true end-of-the-world scenario? The scenario that you plan for will greatly alter what weapons you might select. Of course, opinions will vary as to what is the all-around ‘best’ survival firearm for any situation, but in truth the best weapon is the one you have in hand when you need it.”

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