Newer ballistic labs are claiming that car pillars are a legitimate source of protection during a gunfight, but how applicable is that when translated to real world scenarios? To find out, Athlon Outdoors Tactical Field Editor Aaron Barruga took the liberty of firing a few rounds at the A-pillar of a broken down car in an undisclosed location. Watch the results, and Aaron’s conclusions, above.

Aaron Barruga is a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Pacific Theater of Operations. He’s the founder of Guerrilla Approach, a training organization that teaches vehicle tactics and active shooter interdiction to law enforcement personnel and serious shooters.

The clip above is part of a Panteao Productions video called “High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics.” In the video, Barruga looks at a number of different topics surrounding close-quarter engagements in and around vehicles, including reactive versus proactive mindset, offsetting cover, mounted shooting positions, bailout techniques and much more.

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