CRI Counter Terror Training lead
The CRI Counter Terror Training School helps officers train for active shooters and wounded-officer rescue scenarios.

The CRI Counter Terror Training School in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a premier training school that helps operators tackle terrorism, kidnappings, active shooters and other crimes.

CRI’s chief instructor and owner, Doron Benbenisty, has plenty of “been there, done that” experience. As part of the Israeli Defense Forces, he served with the Mista’arvim Unit, which specialized in infiltrating and stopping terrorist groups.

Benbenisty also became a lead counterterrorism instructor during his tenure and created Israel’s first successful suicide bomber prevent program, which is still in use today.

In 2000, Benbenisty came to the U.S. and launched CRI, which has trained thousands of civilians, LEOs and military personnel to date.

CRI offers courses from executive protection to martial arts to active-shooter takedowns. CRI is even certified as a post-secondary educational institute in Nevada and, going the extra mile, the school helps its students find jobs after receiving training.

Veterans can use their GI Bill funding to receive CRI training, and a partnership with the VA has already helped many veterans find security-related work after returning home.

For more on the CRI Counter Terror Training School, please visit or call 888-260-7050.

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