There aren’t many sports where faking it makes for good practice, but when it comes to shooting we know that dry-fire training is an excellent way to improve skills. But before you start cranking the trigger (with a verifiably unloaded gun and always in a safe direction), make sure you are training the right way and not just reinforcing bad habits.

Fortunately, Panteao Productions has a full line of excellent training DVDs that cover everything from competition to tactics.

The latest DVD specifically designed to help you improve your practice sessions is Make Ready with Dave Harrington: Dynamic Dry Fire Training.


“Super Dave” Harrington is a retired senior weapons instructor from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, N.C. He systematically goes through the proper fundamentals of dry-fire training step by step and in an easy-to-follow fashion.

Each drill is followed up with the live-fire equivalent so that beginners and experienced shooters alike can quickly build and improve their skill sets.

The two-DVD set covers everything from getting organized to maximizing your effective use of time on the range to specific handgun handling skills. Harrington goes over handgun modifications, clearing malfunctions as well as dry-fire drawing and reloading techniques.

If you want more Dave Harrington instruction, Panteao Productions is also offering a special three-video set containing all three videos from Dave Harrington: 360 Degree Pistol Skills Volumes 1 and 2 as well as Dynamic Dry Fire Training. (; 800-978-2629)

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