Transportation by car is the most common form of mobility. Certainly, law enforcement and military operators spend a great deal of time behind the wheel or riding as passengers in cars, SUVs or light trucks. Since the best armor on (or in this case, in) a civilian vehicle is the engine block, using it for cover while exiting a “hot zone” or ambush is logical and preferred.

During the two-day “Big Three East” training event held recently in Daytona Beach, Florida, host Dillard “Crazy Jay” Johnson—a U.S. Army vet and Silver Star recipient—showed students how to hostiles through a car window during an ambush while breaking through a roadblock. The accompanying video demonstrates that aimed shots are possible on targets while shooting from either the passenger’s or the driver’s seat. CJ (passenger side) used his M4 5.56mm rifle, while the driver used (and even reloaded) his 9mm Glock pistol to accurately deliver suppressive fire on targets, which, when inspected later, all showed hits in vital areas. The exercise makes clear that a positive, unconventional response in a car or truck to an unexpected and deadly threat can result in a failed assassination attempt, with the bad guys down and the good guys upright (or sitting safely in their car seats, as the case may be).

The Big Three stands for Tactical Gun, Tactical Gear and Tactical Training. The event is held both in Florida and in the Midwest. It is a two-day industry gathering whose attendees, companies including, are handpicked; consequently, everyone brings something unique to the table. Each company in attendance presents their products and follows with a practical demonstration on a closed range that includes shooting at targets out to 700 yards.

The venue offers a unique opportunity to do testing and take photography of a variety of very interesting products in a writer-friendly environment. Several active-duty Army and prior-service vets are present as honored guests: They use their experience to challenge, validate and help exercise the products displayed, which in this case included the new IWI 5.56mm Tavor bullpup carbine and the SCCY 9mm concealable pistol, all shooting Wolf ammo. Other companies present at the Big Three East 2013 included Action Target, Tactical Products Gear, Definitive Arms, Alexander Arms, Krebs Customs, Savvy Sniper, Huntertown Arms and Hi-Lux, Inc. For more information please email

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