Since the introduction of the TBL-37, our first 37mm launcher, a number of SWAT and security personnel have examined the product and offered their comments and advice. Their biggest issue was the fact that they wanted a launcher that was consistent with their training, i.e. one that is consistent with muscle memory training and therefore shares the same action as other weapons. This action is referred to as Double Action Only (DAO) and refers to the fact that such a weapon has an internal hammer that is cocked and fired with each trigger pull. There is no Single Action capability.

bd-1bd-8Description and Features
The ExD-37 has an internal hammer and is DAO. It is provided with a 16” barrel with full length Picatinny rails top and bottom. It has a shotgun style muzzle bead for rapid target acquisition, point blank shooting and the ability to use Kentucky Windage. The stock is a collapsible AR mil spec butt stock. The vertical fore-grip is a B&D custom ergonomic design.

The ExD-37 will handle rimmed 37mm ammunition made by any manufacturer. Available ammunition includes flares, smoke and other pyrotechnic rounds for civilian use. Law enforcement or the military have a variety of “Less Than Lethal” rounds at their disposal. These include Batons, CS Gas, Wildlife Management (Bird Control) and crowd dispersing Rubber Pellets.

• Weight 6lbs 2 oz. (2.8kg)
• Length Extended 30.75in. (78.1cm)
• Length Collapsed 27in. (68.6cm)
• Top break
• Double Action Only/Fully enclosed hammer
• Sights
• Shotgun style forward bead
• Stocks
• AR collapsible rear stock (included in base price)
• Custom aluminum vertical fore-grip (included in base price)
• Barrel Length
• 16” Only (included in base price)
• Full length Picatinny Rails on top and bottom of barrel and on receiver


To incorporate a double action, we created a completely new launcher, the ExD-37. (with the features that have been requested from professionals in the US and abroad.) The result is a launcher that is tough, impervious to dirt and grit and meets the stringent requirements of the men and women who rely on weapons such as these for crowd control, hostage situations and other extreme duty assignments.

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Since the introduction of the TBL-37, our first 37mm launcher, a number of SWAT…