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The GLOCK America Workshop included a full Armorer’s Course for military and LE personnel.

If there is one constant around the world in law enforcement and military circles, it is the deep desire held by their personnel to learn everything about the tools they use to complete the missions they are called upon to accomplish. Globally, each nation’s military leaders are called upon to find the best equipment to meet the demanding requirements they are forced to deal with. GLOCK continues to provide an effective solution to a wide spectrum of environmental and situational scenarios that troops and LEOs face. This increased demand for effective training to better utilize, maintain and operate their pistols in the field is being answered by GLOCK.

The GLOCK America region covers the countries that make up Central and South America. The regional headquarters are in Uruguay, and from there the company has continued its outreach to help educate, train and engage the many regional agencies that depend on GLOCK pistols. This year, GLOCK America Vice President Luiz “Tatai” Horta once again assembled the region’s militaries together to share and impart the education necessary for the safe maintenance and effective operation of GLOCK handguns.

Joining Forces

In June 2014, Argentina was offered the opportunity to host the country’s first multi-national training and competition event sponsored by GLOCK America: The GLOCK America Workshop. For three days, Horta amassed the necessary backing of Full Metal Argentina, which is the exclusive representative of GLOCK in Argentina. Also involved in organizing the event were Robin Shooting Academy (Academia de Tiro Robin) and Armory Gun Parts (Armeria Gun Parts).

The event kicked off on a Friday with the full Armorer’s Course being taught exclusively for military, law enforcement and select armed security forces. Taught by Horta at the “Campo de Mayo” military base, the course’s 58 attendees were invited from Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Panama to attend.

“The Friday course was for military and law enforcement only,” commented Horta. “We covered all generations of GLOCKs and the process of servicing them. The attendees found this information invaluable to their respective assignments.”

Camaraderie is key to each participant’s success in the classroom. As the classroom filled, it quickly developed a very friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

“I have visited them all,” said Horta, “I know them and they trust me, and that trust spread throughout the classroom. We consider this a tremendous opportunity to expand our reach across borders and develop professional friendships that later on can be called upon to reference good will and understanding.”

Essential Training

On Saturday morning, the Workshop kicked off. The invited guests, many of them from outside law enforcement, were allowed to go through a familiarization course, which was also taught by Horta. This class, much larger and often having over 150 participants, was made up of individuals living throughout the areas GLOCK America serves. GLOCK representatives from neighboring countries were also invited. This year’s event attracted participants devoted to GLOCK from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama and Uruguay.

“The class is more of an orientation to the GLOCK philosophy and the design concepts that make GLOCK firearms so unique and desirable in Central and South America,” said Horta.

The class, like the course that preceded it, is always in very high demand at these workshops. The opportunity to have the manufacturer review the simple, easy-to-use operation of the GLOCK SAFE ACTION system is invaluable to the many professionals who attend.

Tournament Challenge

On Sunday, the operation switched gears as it marked the time for tournament competition. The day began with the participation of over 200 shooters from various neighboring provinces as well as competitors from neighboring countries. Three simultaneous tournaments were held. The first was the traditional “Metales” tournament, held exclusively for expert shooters registered in recognized competitive shooting disciplines. The second tournament was held for competitors in the security forces. The third match featured novices and beginners who were taking their first steps into competitive shooting with GLOCK pistols.

Once the simultaneous matches were completed, the participants were treated to an awards ceremony where they were awarded medals and prizes. The grand prize was a GLOCK 17 Gen4 pistol, which was awarded via a random drawing.

Regional Partners

The GLOCK America Workshop’s goal has always been to bring people together who love GLOCK pistols, and give them a comfortable setting where they can learn and exchange information so they can work in conjunction with one another. Going forward, GLOCK intends to make this event larger and reach a wider audience to create even more future armorers and competitors. With the help of its regional partners in Central and South America, GLOCK’s education and competition efforts will continue to unite nations in a common hope of peace and safety.

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