Of all the essential elements inherent to top-level tactical training, mindset may be the most important. Sure, you can upgrade the gear you’ll depend on in an emergency—your rifle or handgun, body armor, or other tactical accessories—but without giving some thought to the conditions you’ll face in the real world, you may be unprepared to use that gear to its fullest potential. In this video, Delta Force veteran Pat McNamara looks at how elite tactical operators think “beyond the drill” to ensure they are pushing themselves beyond the comforts of the range.

McNamara asserts that the phrase “train like you fight” is commonly misunderstood to apply only to the gear you’re wearing during training. In fact, the phrase should convey that every student of tactical training needs to examine how they will encounter a threat in the real world. This means training in adverse environmental and lighting conditions, in a variety of outfits and understanding that “perfect” conditions don’t exist in a worst-case scenario.

Analyzing and potentially engaging a real-world threat like a home invader doesn’t start with the gear you choose—it starts with your ability to react in any given situation. After a 22-year career in the special operations community, Pat McNamara offers valuable insight into how you can maximize your future training to make sure you’re fully prepared for the worst.

McNamara’s insight is part of a new video from Panteao Productions,

Make Ready With Pat McNamara: Carbine TAPS, which offers instruction into how to effectively set up your carbine and how to make sure your training and mindset are ready for the real world. For more information, please visit

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