Boiling down the art of fighting around cars to anything less than 200 points is difficult. It is a dangerous and risky event that should only be undertaken should escape be impossible. As with all things in life, though, there are some major points that we can look at to help us win this particular gunfight.

1. Escape if at all possible and/or use your vehicle as a weapon.

2. Very little of your car is actually bulletproof.

3. Remember to put the car in park and unbuckle your seatbelt.

4. If you need to fight at the driver’s-side door, use the frame and hinge area as concealment.

5. Fighting from the back of the vehicle is most successful when you put as much car between you and the bad guys.

6. Do not hug the cover, as debris from bullet strikes can be lethal.

7. Remember that rounds fired into a windshield will angle downward and rounds fired outward will angle upward.

8. Be aware of your muzzle in relation to your sights. Avoid shooting your own vehicle.

9. If you are going to shoot underneath the car, get as low as possible and stabilize the weapon.

10. Escape from the threat if at all possible, but bring the fight with extreme prejudice should you need to stand your ground.

This article was originally published in “Personal & Home Defense” issue #204. To order a copy and subscribe to that magazine, visit

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