As different trends hit the firearms industry, one thing’s for sure: Gunsite Academy isn’t giving in to any of them.

Today we continue our discussion with Gunsite’s Chief Operating Officer, Ken Campbell, at SHOT Show 2017. In this segment, Ken tells us how the legendary training school in Arizona managed to stick to its fundamental principles of marksmanship, gun-handling and mindset — also known as the Combat Triad — and buck some of the fads that certain elements of the industry have gone gaga over.

Simply put, it’s all about the basics when it comes to Gunsite Academy.

“We’ve never been the ‘gun of the month’ club. We’ve never been the ‘technique of the week’ club. We teach what works,” Campbell states plainly and firmly.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Mr. Campbell. Watch part two of our chat with him in the video above.

For more information about Gunsite Academy and the full range of classes currently offered by this legendary firearms training facility, please visit Gunsite Academy’s website.

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