Panteao Productions recently released the first episode of its new series “Inside Story.”

According to Panteao, “Inside story” will cover “various topics from questions and comments posed to us by viewers of our videos, as well as to the guests appearing in the series.” The format of the series is a round table setting where the guests are asked questions that are relevant to their given backgrounds and experiences. Then they discuss the topics on camera, providing their viewpoint and thoughts on the subject matter. These questions include content that was gathered from social media, as well as sent in via email.

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The first episode of the series, appropriately entitled “Warfighters,” features Aaron Barruga, Kyle Harth and Robert Keller. The trio discusses everything from “Real Instructors vs. Posers” to real-world lessons they’ve learned over the years. You can watch part one of the first episode above, followed by part two below.

“Warfighters” was filmed in downtown Columbia, S.C., at the Bourbon Columbia whiskey bar on Main Street, across from the state capital building. Future episodes in the series will feature different Panteao instructors, as well as key people from the firearms industry.


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