Jersey Tactical, an innovative company that patented the JTC Claw and other breaching tools has created the JTC Drive Drill shooting course for pistols and rifles that incorporates all of the best training protocols to better shoot, move and communicate.

John Dapkins, a law enforcement officer and founder of Jersey Tactical, said, “I have trained with some of the best over my career, including SEAL Command Master Chief Dennis ‘Snake’ Chalker, Tom Spooner, Zach Harrison, JD Potynsky, Paul Howe, Jeff Gonzalez, Pat McNamara, Ron Flowers and many more experts in my almost 20 years of LE/SWAT experience. From all of these experts I have taken different drills or lessons and added them to my toolbox.

“JTC invented the Drive Drill using our JTC Clay Stakes, and we believe this is one of the best drills because it forces you to 1) focus on your bore-sight line, 2) drive the pistol or rifle to each target, 3) shoot until the threat is eliminated and 4) shoot with both eyes open for a wide field of view. The drill, incorporating several drills at once, allows you to set targets at different levels, provides instant decision-making feedback and is fun to run while being affordable. Finally, the Drive Drill is also adaptable. You can perform the drill, depending on your weapon, at any distance and achieve the same benefits.”

The shooter has to discern which threat to attack first and start knocking down each one as they systematically move through the threats, all on the clock. “We chose using the clay discs because sometimes the rounds that travel at high speed will pass right through the disc, leaving it hanging and spinning. This forces the shooter to keep shooting until the threat is eliminated, which can sometimes mean multiple shoots or a magazine exchange,” said Dapkins.

Check out the video to see this drill in action, as well as Jersey Tactical’s newest steel target, and look for a full review in an upcoming issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS. To subscribe, visit

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